Farnham Capital is a capital introducer for start-ups. We also raise seed capital for stand-out Funds (SEIS – Series C) and introduce investors to other relevant private market platforms. Farnham Capital’s focus is to find the right and appropriate investors for a specific situation. We collaborate and partner with angel platforms and other capital introducers to expand the scope of our investor search. We believe that true value for corporates comes from investors/angels who bring more than just money to the table.

From a sector perspective, we focus on B2B SaaS/DataTech, B2C Brands (often Food/Drink) and Industrial/ClimateTech.

Farnham Capital advises, and mentors seed-venture stage start-ups helping you raise the necessary growth capital to succeed.

Robin Maxwell founded Farnham Capital in 2019 with a mission to support the rapidly growing start-up ecosystem in the UK.

Earlier, Robin established a multi-decade leading role in Equity Broking/Research/ECM connecting public listed smaller companies from across the EU region with the world’s foremost investors in UK & USA.

Farnham Capital therefore brings a deep understanding of investor behaviour to your company’s capital-raising efforts and believes disciplines learned from public markets will help your company achieve its private market ambitions.

Farnham Capital is an appointed representative of Messels Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

A Service That Helps Start-Ups Establish A Path To Lasting Success, Profitability And Growth.





We believe Britain’s start-up ecosystem is a rich source of innovation and creativity that is often second to none.

The past decade has seen the emergence of an enviable, government backed support mechanism in the UK. This enables our leading universities and their graduate’s access to incubators, accelerators, capital and advisory that simply did not exist prior to the 2008/9 Global Financial Crises. It has also witnessed the launch of more than 60 S/EIS funds sometimes designed to support distinct interest groups/topics. We want to help seed the very best fund products and especially those that actively seek to lower investor risk.


Through regular newsletter updates Farnham Capital wants to give professional, high-net-worth and/or sophisticated investors the confidence to increase allocations to private markets.

Farnham Capital recognises that investing in start-ups on a standalone basis is high risk. We want to help democratise access to private markets, recognising many will have a lower risk appetite. We therefore work with start-up ‘rating’ companies and early-stage funds that differentiate via structure and risk tolerance. We also seek to work with fund-of-funds providers and others helping to lower investor risk with still high returns.


Farnham Capital strongly believes that we should only work with companies and funds in which we are interested in becoming stakeholders. We perform adequate due diligence and consequently seek part payment for our services in equity or fund units.

We also focus on building our network of partners and collaborators to provide a deeper pool of opportunities as well as wider access to available investors.

We aim to provide solutions in the following areas:

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